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Code Compliance

Upgrades to industrial machines and automation for compliance with applicable electrical codes in North America

Electrical Upgrades

Think of the electrical installation in your home or building. When it was built, this installation was performed by a qualified worker and inspected and approved by the electrical inspector AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). If you add something, that also needs to be inspected and approved.

This same rule applies to automation and industrial machines in a factory. All electrical installations require code compliance, including automation and industrial machines.

MTE provides electrical upgrades to new and existing equipment for clients. The work can be performed onsite at the client’s facility or, in some cases, the machine is shipped to our shop for completion. We work with approved evaluation services to complete and certify the equipment.

Ensuring Your Systems Meet NEC & CSA Standards

Consider that:

Each country has its own wiring codes and standards to follow

Machinery and automation built outside of North America may not comply with local codes

In some regions of North America, the AHJ authorities that have jurisdiction require a recognized certification label on equipment

Sometimes the fix is easy, such as changing some branch circuit protection and label - other times, the solution is more complex and costly.

Legacy control panels can have several issues, including no recognized certification markings, components without UL, CSA or other recognized markings, no branch-rated circuit protection, bonding and grounding defects, ungrounded 120VAC power supplying field devices, no overall panel SCCR rating, obsolete components that are difficult to source, old ‘blue print’ documentation and more.

Control Panel Rebuilds

With your control panel rebuild, MTE will provide:

  • All-new UL and CSA components

  • Panel sized and installed to the latest ICP standards

  • New drawings in ACAD

  • Panel and machine certified by third-party agency

  • Hot testing at MTE

  • Removal and reinstallation of your panel

  • Testing and commissioning

MTE Controls can make the old new

The end result is a safer and compliant installation that is easier for the client to troubleshoot and maintain.